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A few of my favorite panels from my Fionna and Cake book I got uwu

thatdamnskeleton 4! 6! 9! Adelaide or her Brother your choice. Or another character if you wanna


4. Whenever Addy is having a panic attack, she usually does her breathing exercises that her therapist has taught her. When Elliot (her older brother) is with her, he coaches her to calm down and then afterwards he treats her to some pizza and milkshakes at the malt shop. C:

6. Elliot’s quirk is that he carries a pack of tooth picks with him so he always has the opportunity to look tough. Addy think it’s going a bit overboard. Addy on the other hand is a blogger (Tumblr?!) and so she tends to say some internet memes out loud. *siiiiiigh*

9. Are they ticklish?


((Sorry it took so long!! I got distracted!))

A small OC description meme


1.Draw/Describe them
2. Give a small conversation between you and your oc
3.write/draw an action packed scene! Give details about their weapon or fighting style. would they calm themselves when in a panic?
5.If your OC ran your blog how would that look?
7. Do they get flustered often? If so what does that look like?
8. Favourite colour
9. Are they ticklish? Draw or write that!
10. Their death


Wild Arms


Wild Arms